How to Apply

The Cullen Foundation makes grants to organizations whose work clearly advances the mission of the Foundation.

  • The Foundation prefers to grant by invitation (please see Invited Applications section below).
  • Self-initiated inquiries that align with the Foundation’s mission are reviewed as well (please see Letter of Intent section below).

Invited Applications*

Full Application

Full Applications

After a collaborative process of information sharing, the Foundation may invite certain organizations (both existing relationships and new relationships who demonstrate a project with a clear connection to our mission) to apply for grant funding. An invitation with a link to the full application will be sent via e-mail. Please note that such an invitation does not guarantee funding. *Note: Only invited applicants or active grantees will be able to log in.

Application Deadlines

The Board meets on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. Specific application deadlines will be communicated if a full application is invited.

Final Decision

All invited applicants will be notified by email of the action taken by the Board. Approved organizations receive a grant agreement for review and signature.

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Organizations who have not received an invitation to apply but believe their work aligns with the Foundation’s mission may complete the Letter of Intent by clicking here. This allows you to provide information about 1) your organization to ensure that it meets the Foundation’s established criteria and if so, 2) your specific initiative. If there is a possible synergy with our priorities, you will be contacted for additional information. If there is not alignment at this time, you will be notified via e-mail that your inquiry will not be pursued.  Note: This is not an application.

Additional Notes

To protect the integrity of the grantmaking process, The Cullen Foundation requests that applicants and their representatives refrain from contacting Foundation Board Members about pending or anticipated requests. All questions should be directed to The Cullen Foundation staff.

Although the Foundation cannot respond favorably to all requests, the decision to decline a request should not be interpreted as a negative evaluation of a project or organization. It is not feasible for the Foundation staff to discuss with applicants the reason(s) that the Board may have for declining a request, nor is it reasonable to expect the staff to provide a critique of proposals either before or after action is taken by the Board.

The Foundation requests that it receive no commemorative items; all resources should be used for the organization’s philanthropic purposes.